Here are some of the requirements we use to prayerfully consider each request:

1.  The site/location must be able to hold 15,000 people, minimum.  In most situations, we will require 25,000.
        (We will ask for photos of the location at least 9 months prior to any event.  We will visit the site prior to the event.)
2.  We will require the use of professional sound, lighting, and staging.
3.  We will ask for a written list of all proposed promotional efforts.
4.  At least 10 organizations, networks, or fellowships must work together for us to consider doing an event in your region.
(We will ask for a list of these and the name of each leader or director.)  If we partner with a single denomination, the crusade must be a regional event involving at least 50 churches of that particular denomination.
5.  No crusade will be done for an individual church or on an individual church property.
6.  The initial request must be submitted at least one year prior to projected crusade date.
7.  There must be a single Crusade Director who will communicate with Cry throughout the process.  This Director must have past experience.
8.  No open-air event will be conducted within 30 days of someone else's open-air, evangelistic event in the same city/region.  We respect the ministry of the Evangelist and want all crusades to be successful and supported by the local churches.  We will do our best to honor the work of all other anointed, Spirit-filled workers.

           If we accept your request, Cry of Deliverance will provide the cost of the stadium, sound, lighting, staging, translator, etc.  


This is what you need to know about Douglas and the preaching:
1.  He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ as presented by the Apostles and Prophets in the New Testament.
2.  Jesus healed people, cast out demons, and preached salvation to everyone.  Douglas will also.
3.  He does not support or preach any "prosperity gospel."  God has chosen the poor in this world to be rich in faith (James 2:5).                                        He cannot unchoose them.
4.  His preaching is scripturally rich and relevant; it is delivered with passion and power.
5.  In ministry, he is not American; he belongs to the King and His Kingdom.  He does not preach culture or politics.


Over the past few years, we have received many requests from Apostles, Evangelists, and Pastors who would like to work parallel to Cry Of Deliverance.  We believe the Spirit is saying the time to offer this is now.  Here are some statements from Douglas to help you understand what we envision in partnership. (Please email us to convey your desire for partnership).

Cry Of Deliverance - Conditions of Partnership

1.  You, personally, and your ministry, must be solidly based on the Word of God and you must manifest the presence, power, and produce (fruit) of the Holy Spirit.
2.  You, personally, and your ministry, must demonstrate clear and compelling evidence of your support for world evangelism both by offerings given and events provided.
3.  Your ministry must be part of a Spirit-filled organization or be partnered with at least three (3) such fellowships of like, precious faith.


An Understanding of What Ministry Consists Of

1.  The development of effective ministry takes time. The Bible says Jesus grew in favor with God and man. That took time. Throughout my life, I have attempted to serve wherever the Spirit assigned me, regardless of the cost. 
     You should spend the time necessary.
2.  The demonstration of power-filled ministry takes sacrifice. The Apostles faced continual challenges to their wellbeing, which the Spirit used to crucify their fleshly desires.
     It is still required of me to be dedicated to the Lord's demand that I carry the cross daily. 
     You should offer the sacrifice that is necessary.
3.  The desire to have an approved ministry takes a singular focus. We are to study the Word, seeking its character-changing force, until the Lord instills a passion within us to please Him in all things. You should have the focus that is necessary.

To Foster Church or Ministry Growth

1. Be officially in partnership with other fellowships and people who share your calling, assignment, and vision (Luke 5:7)
2.  Understand that you have been called by God to grow your church; I have not.  (I Peter 5:2)
3.  Let the Spirit set a specific vision:   (Acts 18:9)
       * Set goals for evangelizing *
       * Have a written plan for training workers *
       * Allow proper preparation for growth *
4.  Provide significant time for prayer with the Lord for yourself (Luke 5:16)