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Breaking Things

Usually, you have to break things in order to make things. This is the tough part of building anything and the part we most often avoid. Instead, we'd rather put new stuff on top of stuff that no longer works or that we don't use. The Lord is able to make everything out of nothing, we can't. We can only make things out of other things.

If something, a system, program, or strategy isn't working it's going to have to be torn down. Here's the thing: either we do it by faith or something else will do it by force. That's why we hate it so much. Systems and the like involve people. So when we go to "break" it apart, we will have to make some difficult decisions. But if it's going to be repaired or replaced, it has to be done.

The great thing as Believers? The Lord is in control as we submit to Him. He helps us as we wrestle with faith, decisions, building, and all things life. And He can be trusted.

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